Support Services

Your professional IT team is ready to help.

PHPFox Solutions is the culmination of years of experience of setting-up, maintaining and hosting the phpFox script for clients and ourselves. We know what the script needs to efficiently run; how to best set up a phpFox site for optimal performance; the "ins and outs" of the AdminCP; and various tips from the knowledge we've collected over the years.


If you already have an established phpFox site, no problem! Let us help you optimize it and maintain it to run with consistent page load speeds so your users have an optimal experience on your site.


Our Service Level Agreement covers the support services, including support for hosting, our products (phpfox addons), and other professional services performed by our support technicians.


We provide managed services depending on your plan.

Server Management

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • DNS Management
  • Server Software Updates
  • Server Application Support
  • On-Demand Backup and Restore

Database Management

  • Database Server Setup
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Database Backup and Restoration
  • Database Updates / Maintenance
  • Database Administration
  • Database Performance Tuning

Managed Backup and Security

  • Managed Automatic Off-site Backups
  • Installation and Configuration of Firewall
  • Firewall Administration
  • On-demand Malware Scan

Cache Server Support / Management

  • Cache Server Setup
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Restart/Rerfesh of cache
  • Secure Cache Server

CDN Support / Management

  • Setup of your preferred CDN


What we don't cover on all plans:

  • Mass upload/post content
  • We are not responsible for spammer or spam content removal