Service Level Agreement

Hardware Replacement / Teamwurkz guarantees that in the event of hardware failure, replacement will be done within 24-48 hours or in a reasonable amount of time depending on the issue, hardware availability, or situation that arises, or alternatively transfer of site to new server. This guarantee does not include the time it requires to perform additional software related to maintenance, including rebuilding web accounts from backups, cloning hard drives, reloading the operating system, reloading and configuring softwares/applications.

Network Uptime / Teamwurkz guarantees 99% network uptime, with the exception of the following:

  • Scheduled Network Maintenance
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Software/Application Maintenance
  • DOS/DDOS and other Malicious Attacks
  • Software / Application Issues
  • Natural Disaster
  • And other issues beyond our control

Technical Support Initial Response Time

  • We provide two(2) hours initial response time via Email/Help Desk for Hosting or other Web Services/Products support.
  • Initial response time for other inquiries will be within 24-48 hours.


In the event that / Teamwurkz did not meet the guaranteed network uptime, clients are eligible to request compensation for downtime.

Support Services

  • Our technical support is strictly limited to the direct client of only.
  • / Teamwurkz will provide Site Assistance and Advanced Management as best effort support. This means that whenever possible our support technicians will provide their best effort to help support clients regarding phpfox script or 3rd party applications. Site Assistance and Advanced Management Support is not guaranteed and may vary dramatically. No warranties or guarantees are provided on Site Assistance and Advanced Management Support.

  • Product Support is provided to client sites with active accounts only or with extended product support.
  • Product Support does not cover customization.

*Updated 10/07/2018