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" Since switching my site to CazaraTech, it has been running up to 10 times faster than my previous host!


Ric and his team are incredible! Not only that, they have gone above and beyond in transferring my site, setting up my site for maximum efficiency, configuring and setting up a development site and troubleshooting/fixing my phpFox issues along the way. Since transferring my site, I have not had one reason to go into my root directory or database. This is a huge change over my last web hosting company who would not touch my root directory files. Recently, they even updated my development site with the new 3.6 software at no additional fee!


Not only do I recommend Ric and his CazaraTech team, but I would suggest that anyone who is running phpFox give them a try. I promise that you will see a positive difference compared to other hosts--especially when it comes to speed, hosting support, response, specific phpFox support and troubleshooting."


~ txrunner ~

" I must say if you have a Phpfox website now or are going to start one up in the future you would be a crazy not to do your hosting with these guys.


I am having a great experience using CazaraTech as my Hosting provider. The constant support I receive from Ric Z. is nothing short but outstanding. I have been a member of Phpfox since 2008 and have seen the app evolve into what it is today. I can tell you from experience Ric Z and his team have it all. I am not a person who usually writes reviews but I consider it my pleasure to write this comment. You're only as good as your hosting company so I must be pretty damn good. Thx Ric Z and your team for the great job. "


~ Marc ~

" If I could give a support rating of 10, or even 100, I'd give it.


I can honestly say that my website would not be up and running without CazaraTech. At any given time, even at 4 in the morning, I've sent emails panicking and they are right there to calm me, fix the issues, offer help in any way they can. They've assisted with pretty much every issue I've had, and gone above and beyond what a hosting company should do. There are times they have realized there is a problem even before I do, and by the time I log into my email to contact them, there is already an email waiting for me. Top notch customer service, great prices, all around everything I'd want or need in a hosting company. I highly recommend them for any site running PHPFox. "


~ Amanda Konesni ~

" The constant support I receive is nothing short but outstanding.


I am having a great experience using CazaraTech as my Hosting provider. The constant support I receive is nothing short but outstanding. Each time I create a support ticket it seems like I get a response and a plan of attack within 5 minutes. I don't know if their support ever sleeps. I can honestly say that they are committed to being one of of the best. I am a client and plan on being for a long time. "


~ Jeff's Websites ~

" This is the best hosting company I never had...


I'm also with CazaraTech since almost a year now and let me tell you that this is the best hosting company I never had. And I tried a lot of hosting company before. As soon as I have an issue, they reply me right away, their professionalism is an example to follow for other hosting company. "


~ Karlmay ~

" Knowledge with great and friendly tech support.
A winning combination!


Being a newbie, I researched a variety of hosting companies in my search for a good host. After reading some of the nightmare out there I was very sceptical about my choice. I sent a few questions to a list of companies mentioned in the blogs on PHPFOX. These questions were mainly about my needs and concerns for scalability. Firstly, I was very impressed with not only the speedy reply from CazaraTech but the detailed answers in which I received. They were able to address all my questions with indepth answers. I knew right away that this was a company with some experience and a knowledgeable staff. Secondly, I liked the variety of options available for server configurations and management choices, this was a perfect fit for scalability plans. I am very happy with my decision to go with CazaraTech. Even though I am still in the development stages of my website they have already proven to be a great asset to me. Their support has been awesome, they are always willing to help with installations and are quick to offer constructive advice. They have already helped me in finding a much more efficient email solution for my site."


~ Drew ~

" The speed and clarity of CazaraTech's customer service and communications is a huge plus...


Prior to migrating my site to CazaraTech I had a lot of issues, both from a customer service perspective and from a technical hosting performance perspective, with my previous hosting provider. My previous hosting provider was not familiar with the phpFox application/technology and therefore I had a lot of performance issues with my site.


CazaraTech did an excellent job of helping me migrate my site to their servers and were very informative and responsive during the setup process.


Since becoming a customer of CazaraTech, it is like night and day in terms of the service I receive compared to my previous hosting provider. It is very easy to open a support ticket and without much waiting I receive a response from one of their support technicians who are on the job. One thing I really like about CazaraTech is that they specialize in hosting phpFox websites. This gives them a distinct advantage in troubleshooting issues and isolating whether it is a hosting/server issue, core phpFox platform issue, or 3rd party Add On issue. They will then stick with you until the issue is resolved no matter what the cause. The speed and clarity of CazaraTech' customer service and communications is a huge plus in working with this provider. I would strongly recommend to all phpFox website owners to migrate their site to CazaraTech and let the phpFox application hosting specialists take care of you like they have taken care of me and my phpFox site."


~ SalesCoachingLive ~

" I've been hosting here for more than a year now so I can say that this total CazaraTech is definitely
5 stars in my book.


I've had so many hosts over the years and so many problems with them. When I moved my sites (they moved them for me actually), I was not sure if I would again have more down time than uptime. I can say that my sites have finally found a permanent home as this hosting solution is far better than I would have imagined it could be.


My sites are all super fast and I have 2 live sites, 1 live demo, 2 development sites and 1 site in development which makes for 6 PHPFox installs on this server. I have no speed issues, rarely ever any downtime and what I've had was minimal, super support as I am no server person, and just cannot say how great it feels to finally have the hosting I've wanted.


My sites are monitored by their staff so if any issue does arise, their staff knows about it before I am even aware there was an issue. Their support techs look after whatever needs to be done."


~ Data66 ~

" I changed from GoDaddy because I was having a lot of problems...CazaraTech is a no-brainer!


They know the phpFox software + they know server hardware stuff + they know how to setup websites and templates + they are always available when you need them = WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?


I thank God for CazaraTech. I had GoDaddy for a couple of years and I accepted their service because they "were my first" hosting company and I did not know what else was available. I have worked with Teamwurkz and Template Mechanics many times and CazaraTech fall under the same umbrella. I changed from GoDaddy because I was having a lot of problems and GoDaddy wasn't familiar with the phpFox software."


~ Melvin ~

" I don't have to worry how my sites running, and how fast it is, CazaraTech takes care of it


I have been a member for around four months I live in New York, USA. I have been with Go Daddy before I went to CazaraTech. I am truly being taken care of by these guys, there support is 100% 24/hour. They go out of there way to make you satisfied, and keep your PHPFox up and running. The price for hosting packages for all plans are very very affordable in fact for what they do it should be even more. Managed PHPFox Hosting Done by CazaraTech you're in good Hosting.


Friends, Members, and staff I truly recomend these guys, worry free I promise, and best customer support you will ever encounter."


~ Bellemedia ~

" They provide in depth knowledge of the phpfox script and deliver great customer service along with high quality server optimizations


I am overall very satisfied with CazaraTech. I would recommend them to anyone using the phpfox script for developing their projects."


~ Joakim ~

" Their servers are blazing fast since our country Kenya does not have fast internet but the site is doing good.


Reply to email support tickets is like a one on one chat, the staff behind the servers are so organized that they always introduce the previous situation by memory; they recognize you as a customer at a personal level.

CazaraTech is fully dedicated to phpfox sites and they tutorials and personal help hand in case you are having problems. Since am not an online champion, i requested them to baby sit my website, optimize and any possible steps i should take make my site user friendly.

Their support is blazing fast as their servers too, am a toddler in website matters but with them; i have the confidence to reach my goals."


~ ZoomAfrica ~

" Best Service from CazaraTech!


High-quality, functional products and perfect co-operation. We are grateful to CazaraTech - professionals who can be trusted! We highly recommend this company's service! "


~ petandpet ~

" Even after the move, any problems that I have had, none that were even their problem! They jumped right in and helped. The new speed of the site is amazing!


I can't even begin to say how great it is using CazaraTech. My site on the old hosting company was very slow. Someone suggested CazaraTech, I contacted them with a few questions. Which they answered very promptly! I asked could they help me move the site, they said yes! Then they started moving my site, they stayed in constant contact with me for 24 hours! I sleep very very little. QUICKLY replying to any questions I had, and not with "we will let you know" real replies!"


In my opinion CazaraTech is by far the Best of the Best for hosting any type of website! I would recommended this company to everyone pro or beginner.


~ beast-usa ~

" Your hosting wow! My members have noticed a huge difference


With previous host the chat was constantly lagging and was down a few times.


I feel my site is secure with your server and each time I have had an issue its been sorted just as quickly as I have recieved it giving the time zones i thought i would have a little waiting time but none. "


~ dig-me ~

" Omg it's so fast, I don't know what he does or how he optimizes it, I just know it's very stable and very fast, it's a dramatic improvement

I feel really comfortable on his server, he has been around on fox for ever and with a great reputation,

Again, he really knows how to optimize a server, did not think this sort of speed was possible with fox, I mean I have custom profiles and it's just click and you are there


It was a smooth transition to the new servers, everything was top notch in every department."


~ Sith ~

" I can honestly say that is the best customer service I have ever experienced with any webhosting company. "


~ blacsocial ~

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