Enterprise Solutions

Managed High Availability Hosting for sites with millions of users.

Scalability. High Performance. Fully Managed.

Our Enterprise Solutions are designed for true high availability and fault tolerant phpfox hosting infrastructure. It allows you to scale to infinity while maintaining reliability through traffic distribution across multiple servers.

Enterprise Features

All features of Cloud Server plans are also included.

Enterprise Cloud Services

Configuration of your Phpfox site for the advanced features.

By default phpfox is configured for single server setup. We configure your site to utilize the advanced features like Memcache, CDN, and Database (Master/Slave).

Setup of all the servers needed in your hosting infrastructure.

All servers will be setup and configured for High Availability hosting. We also provide server management, server software updates, and server application support.

Setup and configuration of firewall and backups.

Each server is configured with firewall so only the servers inside your ifrastructure can communicate with each other. Off-site backups and restoration services are included.

Load Balancing and node health check services.

We setup, configure and manage the Cloud Load Balancer for all your web servers, with node health checks.

Networking configuration of servers and DNS management.

All your servers will be configured for private networking. DNS management is also provided.

Database setup, performance tuning, maintenance and replication.

For sites with large databases, we provide replication services and setup for your phpfox site. Maintenance and monitoring of database servers are also provided.

Enterprise features and services at no additional cost.

You only pay for the servers you use.


Starts at $500/mo
Load Balancer
2 Web Servers (Cloud 4X)
1 Database Server (Cloud 4X)
Cloud Storage 2