Managed Cloud Servers

Pure SSD. RAID. NGINX. PHP7. Global Data Centers.

Web Hosting
Starting at $1/mo
Affordable development hosting for start ups, developers and students.
Cloud VPS
Starting at $5/mo
For websites like Wordpress and other CMS or PHP Apps. Good for startups and professionals.
Dedicated Cloud
Starting at $35/mo
Dedicated CPU for sites/apps with high CPU usage like Music/Video encoding/streaming or FFMPEG.
Storage Servers
Starting at $15/mo
Large Redundant Storage for non-critical archives, big size files or huge amount of data.

Get a small VPS for $5/mo or try our platform. No credit card required.

Advanced Features

The features to scale and to build your infrastructure.

Worldwide Locations
(US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa)

You get low latency by choosing the data center nearest to your location.

Fast and Reliable Network

Experience optimize routing and peering connected to redundant backbones with gigabit network.

Fast and Easy Scaling

You can resize your server with one-click with minimal to no downtime.

Pure SSD Storage with RAID

Blazing fast read/write for best database performance and delivery of files.

Proactive Monitoring

Sleep tight at night. No need to worry about downtime.

Automatic Off-site Backups

Your data is safe with backups separated from your server.

Reliable Network and Global Data Centers

Enterprise Class. Redundant Backbones. Cutting-edge Network.

  • New York - US
  • Seattle - US
  • Chicago - US
  • Atlanta - US
  • Dallas - US
  • Miami - US
  • Los Angeles - US
  • Las Vegas - US
  • Washington - US
  • San Francisco - US
  • Phoenix - US
  • Silicon Valley - US
  • Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • Nulland - Netherlands
  • Frankfurt - Germany
  • Dusseldorf - Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • London - France
  • Paris - France
  • Warsaw - Poland
  • Arezzo - Italy
  • Sydney - Australia
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo - Japan
  • Toronto - Canada
  • Montreal - Canada
  • Bangalore - India
  • Chennai - India
  • Noida - India
  • Mumbai - India
  • Pune - India
  • Hong Kong - China

Get Awesome Support 24/7

We are always here to help you manage and maintain your servers.

Support Available 24/7

All our Servers are fully managed and our support is available 24/7/365.

Managed Firewall and Anti-Virus

We help you manage your server firewall so you don't need to learn its complications.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your server 24/7 using our Cloud Monitoring, with proactive response to issues.

Free Site Migration

We offer free site migration so you dont have to worry on technical stuffs.